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CCTV cameras are very useful for security systems. It is used for the security of a place, a room, or any kind of thing. For setting up a CCTV camera, some accessories are needed. With those accessories, we can set up the best security system. CCTV is very needed for those who are working at the office and let their children stay alone at home. Parents keep a babysitter to look after their children, but they do not know the behavior of a babysitter toward their baby. There are many bad incidents that happen daily to babysitters. For good security, parents must look after their children; for this, they should increase their security by setting up a CCTV camera. Now I will show you some of the best accessories for CCTV cameras.

CCTV camera
CCTV modern white camera

Network Cables CCTV Accessories

If you need cable for home and business places, you can use Cat5e, as you won’t need to transmit more than 1000 Mbps, even in 4K resolution. If you want better or faster, you can use Cat6 because it can transmit several gigabytes of data per second. It’s better than Cat5E because Cat6 is twice as fast as Cat5E. Cat6 offers 10-Gigabit Ethernet, whereas Cat5E offers 1-Gigabit Ethernet. Cat6 conductors and cable sheaths are thicker as well.

Cat6 OS
$6.78 $5.98
4.7 out of 5

Network cable (Ethernet)

Pros Cat6 os provides greater bandwidth than Cat5e It esily support 1 Gbps network speed Cat6 os also support higher rate higher data rates 10Gbps If you are a gamer it is a best cable for you
Cons Cat6 os cabling is more expensive than previos genaratoin It will only offer gigabit network if every network running at that speed Cat6 os is thicker and less flexible than Cat5e It does not compatible with older network device

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is shielded and can better deal with nearby power sources. It should be avoided but not all installers are perfect. It has better transmission speeds and frequencies. RG59 Siamese cable is the most used camera coaxial cable. RG59 is always shielded and reduces interference.

RG59 Siamese cable
5 out of 5

Best coaxial cable

Pros Solid copper core Run both video and power in one cable 95% braided shielding Power runs though 18 gauge pair
Cons Its expensive to installed for its longer distance and thicker and stiffness It is very bulky Its should be grounded in order to prevemt any crosstalk

PoE Switch CCTV Accessories

PoE switches are used for network and connected devices that need power and to transmit data. For the best PoE switch for security cameras, you need to take a look at some factors: port numbers and power requirements, power supply voltage, power budget, PoE switch port number, maximum power supply, bandwidth capacity, and managed or unmanaged PoE switches. For example, if you have 8 CCTV cameras, each of which takes in 15W, you’ll need a PoE switch with at least 8 ports and a power budget of at least 120W. TL-SF1008LP is the fast Ethernet switch designed. If you have a small office or in-home this model is good for use. Its maximum range is 100m.

4.6 out of 5

The 8 ports support auto MDI/MDIX, so there’s no need to worry about cable types; simply plug and play.

Pros Removing the necessity for separate data and power cables PoE eliminates the need to pull electrical to inaccessible locations Uses a cheaper cable that is easier and faster to install.
Cons One reviewer said that it's great for station compounds

DVR and NVR CCTV Accessories

DVR and NVR are for storage of your CCTV footage and they will give many features. NVR is quite more expensive than DVR. The difference between DVR and NVR is about the cost of what type of camera they need then the data transmitted system. NVR has the best quality in pictures as well as installation, Increased flexibility, and the best audio in every camera that has a microphone. But it is more expensive than DVR. However, DVR is most likely because it is cheaper than NVR although both are good at their places. TiVo BOLT is a great DVR. It is a 500GB DVR. This DVR can be used for homes and business places. It will give you High-resolution video footage and Synology 1-Bay DiskStation DS124 (Diskless) is the best NVR. It has a free solution for file and media management, sharing, and backup.

Synology 1-Bay DiskStation DS124 (Diskless)
4.5 out of 5

Best NVR

Pros High image quality 4k Singel cable for power and work wirelesly Cloud storage supported It has video and audio two ways
Cons NVR expensive than DVR Have cybersecurity risks when connected to the network Useful lifespan is short
3.5 out of 5

Best DVR

Pros DVR is lower in price than NVR Simple software features
Cons DVR are less flexible than NVR It can be only use with wired security cameras Lower image quality than NVR DVR have some limited audio input ports

Microphones CCTV Accessories

A microphone is necessary for the camera to record audio from video. The most important aspect of a video is the audio. It enables you to capture sound from video for an experience that is deeper. A microphone for the CCTV camera is needed if you want to capture better video and also for your own safety. There are lots of microphones, each with its own set of features. If you value overall quality, the Hikvision DS-2FP2020 Omni-directional Microphone is an excellent choice. It has a pickup range of 70m2. The video sound will be captured with the greatest clarity.

Hikvision DS-2FP2020 Omni-directional
4 out of 5

Microphone for CCTV

Pros It pick up sound clearly Build in lighting protection
Cons It take some backround noises

Security camera lens

we use a CCTV camera lens to capture the image from the camera clearly. It can vary in shape. For better CCTV performance everybody should use the best lens. You can use 2.8mm which is typically 1-6 meters. 2.8mm lenses are better for the front door to capture someone. But the side of a home 4mm is ideal. 2.8mm CCTV lens is wider than 4mm. 4mm lens captures narrow-size video. For the front door, you should use a 2.8mm lens, and for the sides of the house, 4mm is ideal. 4mm is better than 2.8mm for best footage. I suggest you pick up this model lens named Othmro. Lens type macro, wide angle, maximum focus length 2.8 millimeters.

Othmro CCTV Lens
3.5 out of 5

Useful lens for CCTV

Pros High defination image Suitable for potrait and landscape Good color reduction and small disrtortion
Cons Lens can be affect to the picture quality

Crimping tools

For CCTV system installers crimping tools are necessary. It looks like a plier. The purpose of the crimping tool is to prevent shortages or faulty electrical connections. The ideal crim joint combines low electrical resistance with good mechanical strength. You can use Klein tools VDV026-211 for coaxial cable. This is my top pick from crimping tools.

klein tools VDV026-211
4.8 out of 5
Pros Form a secure connection that sealed from any gas or moisture Preventing shortage and faulty electrical connection
Cons For using crimping tools the solid wire can be poor and pron to failure just by crimping If you do crimping wires insulation gets damaged but for some reasons this is important to use

Wall mount CCTV accessories

CCTV cameras should be on high of the wall. There is some risk for anyone and it also risks for your own. You should place your camera near the ceiling for safety. For setting up your CCTV on top of the wall you should use a wall mount. A wall mount is to stick your CCTV camera on a wall. This is the best way to set up a CCTV camera. There are many designs of wall mounts. ARKON brand has a wall mount. This wall mount is good for use in your home or office.

ARKON Mounts Camera Wall Mount
4.7 out of 5

Best wall mount


In my opinion, Lorex Brand has the widest range of 4k ultra HD CCTV cameras. Lorex CCTV cameras are our top pick for their best result. It will offer you with HD video footage. you can use it at any place indoor or outdoor. There is another version of CCTV of the Lorex brand that works with Alexa and it has a 5MP Ultra HD Bullet Cameras with motion detection surveillance. 2TB 8 Channel DVR,4 Cameras.

Lorex CCTV
4.1 out of 5

This CCTV camera works with Alexa

Good Stuff HD quality Security camera Smart alert detection Up tp 2TB storage Works with alexa
Bad Stuff Occasional false notification
What are the basic components of CCTV?

There are 5 basic Essential things you have to buy for CCTV

  1. Camera
  2. Monitor
  3. Cable
  4. Video Recorders
  5. Data Storage
What Should I use NVR or DVR?

If you have a good budget then you can use NVR. Because it’s better than DVR. DVR is also good in its own place. The majority of people use DVR. Overall both are good but if you have a good budget then NVR is a good choice.

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