Cloudways vs WPX – Which is the Right Choice for Your Hosting

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Choosing the right WordPress host is like sailing into unknown territory. When it comes to this digital era where the performance and credibility of your site determines if your online existence will survive or not, there are two giants namely Cloudways and WPX, which both promise speed, outstanding features, and a fluid approach that delivers a perfect user experience in this case No one wants to be defeated by anyone, including Cloudways vs WPX. Nevertheless, sometimes it might need more scrutiny. Now, let us examine the details including the technical elements, performance parameters, and user experiences of these colossal hosts.



5 out of 5

Fast cloud hosting solution

Pros Pure NVMe SSDs with Vultr HF With 44 data centers across the world Runs with world's top CDN: Cloudflare
Cons Customer support experiences can vary No Built In Email Hosting Certain advanced features may come at a cost affecting the expense


4.8 out of 5

Best shared hosting with Litespeed

Pros WPX uses LiteSpeed ​​servers WPX offers free site migration and optimization services Offers users to host their email
Cons Faced downtime issues in the past Shared hosting plans can be expensive ATA SSDs, which are slower compared to NVMe SSDs

Cloudways Exposed: Harnessing the Strength of Cloud Hosting

Cloudways webpage
Features of Cloudways

Hosting Type – Cloudways’ Cloud Hosting Advantage

At the heart of Cloudways lies its robust cloud hosting infrastructure, offering a stark departure from WPX’s shared hosting model. Cloudways leverages the prowess of various cloud providers, including Vultr High Frequency and DigitalOcean, providing scalability and reliability beyond the confines of shared hosting.

Bandwidth – A Generous Offering from Cloudways

Cloudways takes the lead in bandwidth allocation, offering a substantial 1TB on its lowest plan. This generosity is pivotal for data-intensive websites, ensuring seamless operations and optimal user experiences. In contrast, WPX’s 200GB bandwidth limit on its entry-level plan may prove restrictive for sites with extensive data transfer needs.

Server – NVMe SSDs at Cloudways’ Helm

Cloudways adopts NVMe SSDs for storage, a choice that significantly accelerates data retrieval. The speed advantage of NVMe SSDs over the SATA SSDs used by WPX contributes to faster loading times and an overall more responsive website.

Object Cache – Turbocharging Performance with Redis Object Cache Pro

A standout feature of Cloudways is its support for Redis Object Cache Pro. This object caching mechanism proves invaluable for dynamic websites, particularly those running on platforms like WooCommerce. The ability to efficiently manage CPU usage while boosting site speed sets Cloudways apart in the realm of WordPress hosting.

CDN – Advanced Content Delivery with Cloudflare Enterprise

Cloudways integrates Cloudflare Enterprise into its arsenal, providing an advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN). With over 270 Points of Presence (PoPs), Argo Smart Routing, and load balancing, Cloudflare Enterprise outshines WPX’s proprietary XDN and solutions, offering a more extensive network and advanced features.

Cache Plugin – Breeze: Simplifying Caching for Cloudways Users

In the caching arena, Cloudways introduces Breeze as its cache plugin. While opinions may vary on Breeze, it aligns with Cloudways’ philosophy of simplicity and effectiveness in optimizing website performance.

Server Locations – A Global Network for Optimal TTFB

Cloudways boasts an impressive network of 44 data centers globally. The significance of server location in reducing Time to First Byte (TTFB) cannot be overstated, and Cloudways’ extensive network ensures optimal performance for users across the globe.

Uptimes – Reliability Anchored in Cloud Providers

Cloudways has maintained generally good uptimes, leveraging the reliability of its third-party cloud providers. While no hosting provider can guarantee 100% uptime, Cloudways’ track record is commendable compared to WPX, which has faced significant challenges, as we’ll explore in the WPX section.

Dashboard – Customization for the Tech-Savvy

Cloudways Dashboard
Cloudways Dashboard

The Cloudways dashboard offers a high degree of customization, catering to both beginners and advanced users. Divided into three main tabs – Servers, Applications, and Add-ons – the interface empowers users to tailor their hosting environment to specific needs.

Email Hosting – Rackspace Add-On for Limited Options

Cloudways doesn’t provide built-in email hosting. Instead, it offers a Rackspace add-on for $1/email per month. While this option exists, it comes with limitations, prompting many users to explore third-party email solutions like Google Workspace.

Free Migration – Streamlining the Transition Process

WPX offers migration as part of its service making it easier, for users who are switching from hosting providers to get started. Moreover the inclusion of complimentary site speed optimization enhances the value of the migration package.

Support – A Mixed Bag of Reviews

Customer support experiences with Cloudways vary among users. While some report satisfactory interactions, others find the support to be hit or miss. The support channels include live chat and ticket-based systems, catering to different user preferences.

Security – Vigilance in Safeguarding Websites

Cloudways has not experienced past data breaches, showcasing a commitment to website security. However, reports of hashed passwords indicate potential areas for improvement in their security protocols.

Price – Balancing Features and Costs

The cost of Cloudways hosting can vary based on selected options and add-ons. While it may appear more expensive at first glance, the scalability, additional features, and management services can justify the investment for users seeking a robust hosting solution.

TrustPilot Rating – Reflecting User Satisfaction

Cloudways rating is 4.6 out of 5 by Trustpilot

Cloudways maintains a commendable TrustPilot rating of 4.6/5, a testament to user satisfaction. Exploring user reviews, especially the 1-star feedback, provides insights into potential pain points and considerations for prospective users.

Shared Hosting Exposed: Discovering WPX Hosting

WPX features

Hosting Type – WPX’s Journey in Shared Hosting with LiteSpeed Speed Boost

WPX operates within the realm of shared hosting, aiming to deliver performance benefits through its LiteSpeed server infrastructure. While shared hosting is inherently more economical, it comes with trade-offs in terms of scalability and resource allocation.

Bandwidth – Adequate but Potentially Constrained

WPX offers a respectable 200GB of bandwidth on its lowest plan. However, users with high data transfer needs should carefully consider this limitation, especially in the context of potential scalability constraints.

Server – LiteSpeed’s Velocity with SATA SSDs

WPX utilizes LiteSpeed servers, renowned for their speed and efficiency. However, the choice of SATA SSDs for storage may introduce a subtle trade-off in terms of data retrieval speed compared to NVMe SSDs.

Object Cache – A Void in Support

In the realm of object caching, WPX lags as it doesn’t support it. This omission can impact the performance of dynamic websites, particularly those running on platforms like WooCommerce.

CDN – Proprietary XDN and Solutions

WPX relies on its custom CDN, XDN, and for content delivery. While these solutions offer benefits, they may not match the extensive network and advanced features of Cloudflare Enterprise.

Cache Plugin – LiteSpeed Cache and W3 Total Cache Options

WPX provides users with a choice between LiteSpeed Cache and W3 Total Cache. While LiteSpeed Cache aligns with the server infrastructure, the recommendation of W3 Total Cache raises considerations regarding optimization and compatibility.

Server Locations – A Limited Network with 3 Data Centers

WPX operates with a more limited network, comprising only three data centers. While this may not be a significant concern for local websites, it could impact TTFB for users accessing sites from distant regions.

Uptimes – A Blemish with a Worldwide Outage

WPX faced a significant challenge with a worldwide outage, tarnishing its reputation for reliability. The response to the outage and attributing blame to a partner rather than acknowledging internal shortcomings raised concerns among users.

Dashboard – User-Friendly Simplicity

Wpx Dashboard
WPX dashboard | Source: WPX

WPX’s dashboard caters to beginners with its user-friendly design. While it may lack the depth of customization found in Cloudways, it simplifies server management and settings for those who prefer a straightforward approach.

Email Hosting – Limited Options for Limited Usage

WPX offers email hosting, but its limitations make it suitable for individual use with minimal email requirements. For users with more extensive email needs, third-party solutions like Google Workspace may be more appropriate.

Free Migration – A Seamless Onboarding Experience

WPX includes free migration as part of its service, simplifying the onboarding process for users transitioning from other hosting providers. Additionally, the inclusion of free site speed optimization adds value to the migration package.

Support – Swift Assistance with a Positive Reputation

WPX’s support consistently receives positive feedback for its efficiency and short response times. The availability of live chat and ticket-based support contributes to a positive user experience.

Security – A Proactive Stance with Free Malware Cleanup

WPX has not experienced past data breaches, and its proactive approach to security includes free malware cleanup. This added layer of protection enhances website security and instills confidence in users.

Price – Competitive Pricing with Considerations

WPX’s pricing starts at $24.99/month, with the option for a two-month free period on annual plans. While the pricing appears competitive, users should carefully evaluate resource limitations and scalability concerns, especially for WooCommerce sites.

TrustPilot Rating – Excelling with a 4.9/5 Score

WPX got 4.9 in 5 rating by TrustPilot

WPX boasts an impressive TrustPilot rating of 4.9/5, indicating a high level of user satisfaction. Exploring user reviews, particularly the 1-star feedback, unveils potential pain points and considerations for those contemplating WPX hosting.

Cloudways vs WPX: Who Emerges as the Winner in the Hosting Comparison?

In dynamic WordPress hosting, where performance, reliability and user experience take center stage, Cloudways emerges as the winning contender in this duel against WPX Cloudways’ scalability, global reach and feature rich offerings positioning it as a complete solution for the complexity of different websites.

At a glance

Cloudways WPX
Hosting TypeCloudShared
Storage Vultr HF: 1TB ⚡15GB SATA SSDs
ServerApacheLiteSpeed ⚡
Bandwidth Vultr HF: 32GB NVMe ⚡200GB
Object CacheRedis Object Cache Pro
Cache PluginBreezeLiteSpeed Cache ⚡
Server Locations44 ⚡3
Email Hosting
Free Migration
SupportGoodBest ⚡
SecurityGoodBest ⚡
PriceMonthly (starts from $11/mo)Monthly/Yearly ((starts from $21/mo)
TrustPilot Rating4.64.9 ⚡
Our PickWinner Good Choice

While WPX demonstrates strengths in user-friendly interfaces, a good support experience, and competitive pricing, its shared hosting model, past outage challenges, and bandwidth and storage limitations offer users with specific hosting needs are able to post ideas

In searching for the best WordPress hosting provider, it’s important to match the chosen platform with your website’s unique needs, development style, and business expectations With its cloud hosting prowess and diverse feature list, Cloudways does its credible for users looking for a hosting solution that goes beyond the norm -Stand tall as a versatile option The WordPress hosting journey continues to evolve, and as website owners move into the digital landscape, the choice that lies Between Cloudways and WPX remains an important decision with far-reaching implications for online success

As the curtain falls on this hosting saga, one thing is clear – the intricate dance between performance and user experience will continue to shape the ever-changing WordPress hosting landscape. Whether you are embarking on a cloud-powered journey with Cloudways or choose the convenience of shared hosting with WPX, finding a complete hosting solution is a journey worth taking

In the battle of WordPress hosting titans, the ultimate winner depends on your specific needs and priorities. But after extensive research, Cloudways emerges as the winner with it’s cloud server when someone ask for Cloudways vs WPX.

Cloudways Advantage: Reasons Behind Our Pick

Cloudways excels in several key areas:

  • Hosting Type – Cloud Dominance: Cloudways’ cloud hosting outshines WPX’s shared hosting model. The use of various cloud providers, including Vultr High Frequency and DigitalOcean, provides scalability, reliability, and performance advantages.
  • Bandwidth – Generosity Beyond Compare: Cloudways offers a remarkable 1TB of bandwidth on its lowest plan, dwarfing WPX’s 200GB. This generosity is crucial for data-intensive websites, ensuring smooth operations and optimal user experiences.
  • Server – Speed with NVMe SSDs: Cloudways utilizes NVMe SSDs, providing faster data retrieval compared to WPX’s use of SATA SSDs. This difference contributes to quicker loading times and an overall more responsive website.
  • Object Cache – Turbocharged Performance: Cloudways supports Redis Object Cache Pro, a significant advantage for dynamic websites, especially those running on platforms like WooCommerce. This caching mechanism enhances site speed while efficiently managing CPU usage.
  • CDN – Advanced Content Delivery: Cloudways integrates Cloudflare Enterprise, offering an advanced CDN with over 270 Points of Presence (PoPs), Argo Smart Routing, and load balancing. This surpasses WPX’s proprietary XDN and solutions.
  • Cache Plugin – Breeze Simplicity: While opinions may vary, Cloudways introduces Breeze as its cache plugin, aligning with the platform’s philosophy of simplicity and effectiveness in optimizing website performance.
  • Server Locations – Global Network Superiority: Cloudways boasts 44 data centers globally, ensuring optimal Time to First Byte (TTFB) for users across the globe. This extensive network surpasses WPX’s more limited infrastructure.
  • Uptimes – Reliability Anchored in Cloud Providers: Cloudways has maintained generally good uptimes, leveraging the reliability of its third-party cloud providers. This is in stark contrast to WPX, which faced a significant worldwide outage, raising concerns about its reliability.
  • Support – Mixed Reviews but Competent: Cloudways’ support experiences vary among users, with some reporting satisfaction and others finding it hit or miss. Despite this, Cloudways offers support channels, including live chat and ticket-based systems.
  • Security – Vigilance in Safeguarding Websites: Cloudways has not experienced past data breaches, demonstrating a commitment to website security. While areas for improvement exist, the platform’s security measures are commendable.
  • Price – Balancing Features and Costs: While Cloudways may appear more expensive initially, the scalability, additional features, and management services justify the investment for users seeking a robust hosting solution.
  • Rating – Reflecting User Satisfaction: Cloudways maintains a commendable TrustPilot rating of 4.5/5, indicating a high level of user satisfaction. User reviews provide insights into potential pain points and considerations.

In summary, Cloudways emerges as the preferred choice for those prioritizing performance, scalability, and a feature-rich hosting environment. However, individual preferences and specific website requirements may influence the final decision. It’s crucial to align your choice with your unique needs, growth trajectory, and performance expectations to ensure a seamless and successful hosting experience.

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