Global Outage Strikes Meta’s Facebook and Instagram Services

Tawsif Reza
By Tawsif Reza - Chief Editor 2 Min Read

Servers of Facebook under the control of Meta around the world were seen to be down suddenly. Users are having login problems. There is no way to login to this popular social media. In this situation, a kind of curiosity is seen among the users. What happened to the world’s most used social media? Why Facebook, Instagram and other Meta’s platfrom face global outage?

Facebook Instagram down, face globally outage
Meta’s Facebook | Internet Image

The problem occurred after 9 pm south Asia time on Tuesday (March 5).

Users say Facebook and Instagram cannot be accessed. Even those who were logged into Facebook are automatically logged out.

Website monitor Downdetector also reported problems with Facebook and Instagram.

At around 10 pm Downdetector shows, till 9:32 pm 5 hundres thousand 41 thousand 573 users reported their problem. They also want to know – what happened to social media? Why can’t login? Why the Facebook is down? When will it be okay?

Downdetector’s comment room has seen countless such questions from users. However, the Meta authorities have not yet officially announced anything in this regard.

Apart from Downdetector, users are reporting Facebook outages on tracking websites, apps and various websites. Along with this, the number of complaints increased suddenly after 10 pm tonight.

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