Google Announces Cleanup: Dormant Gmail Accounts to Face Deletion in December

Tawsif Reza
By Tawsif Reza - Chief Editor 3 Min Read

In a major update to its platform, Google has begun notifying users of millions of Gmail account deletions coming next month. The move is part of a wider overhaul to enhance security and protect active users from potential threats.

The comprehensive fix will apply to all individual Google accounts left inactive for at least two years, and will permanently deletion of Gmail accounts, documents, spreadsheets, calendar entries, photos and videos associated with their accounts Initially they came out earlier in the year, and the plan is effective in December 2023. It could be.

Google set to deletion of incative gmail accounts
Millions of inactive Gmail accounts will be deleted by Google in December

Ruth Kricheli, Google’s vice president of product management, emphasized the alignment of the updated inactivity policy with industry standards around data retention and account management. The intention is to minimize the duration Google retains unused personal information, thus mitigating security risks such as phishing scams and account hijacking.

Google plans to send “multiple notifications” to Gmail accounts at risk of deletion, including alerts to any associated recovery email addresses. The proactive communication is designed to ensure users are well-informed about the impending action.

The decision to delete dormant accounts is crucial for safeguarding users, particularly as old, unused accounts pose security risks due to the potential reuse of compromised passwords from past security breaches. By implementing this policy, Google aims to fortify its security measures and align with prevailing industry standards.

The tech giant has already initiated the email notification process, explaining to affected users that the measure is taken “to protect private information and prevent any unauthorized access to the account, even if you’re no longer using our services.”

Notably, the loss of a Gmail account can have a significant impact, potentially affecting users’ access to other Web sites and services closely connected to the same email address, even if it’s not directly Google even a

To avoid account deletion, Google users are advised to take specific actions, such as sending or opening emails, using Google Drive, downloading apps from the Google Play store, or YouTube and accessing Google Search which remains unaffected, the latter regardless of Daily activity. This policy highlights Google’s commitment to user-centered safety and the steps it has taken to strengthen its ecosystem.

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