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Hide some of your text as a spoiler in Facebook Messenger. Spoiler effects can be used to hide text. Spoiler effects are not available to all Facebook and Messenger users but there is another way. Messenger has its own text effects that function the same as the spoiler effect. Messenger’s app has a gift option for spoiling or surprising someone. If you can’t use the spoiler features on Messenger, you can use the messenger gift effect.

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What is Spoiler effects?

Spoiler effects on messengers are especially beneficial for surprising someone, but you can also use them for your own pleasure. If it’s your best friend’s birthday today, you can wish him or her by using spoiler effects in Messenger. You can use this to surprise someone with anything. All you have to do is add spoiler effects to the word you want. The team at Droidexpose will show you how to use Spoile effects on Messenger.

If anything you should know

If your messenger doesn’t have a spoiler option then you have to use the Gift effect. Now how you can use Spoiler effects on Facebook Messenger. Now Follow my instructions below this note to use Spoiler Effects on Facebook Messenger.

How to use Spoiler Feature in Facebook Messenger?

To add spoiler in Facebook Messenger- Step 1: Lunch the Messenger app on your Android phone to add a spoiler in Facebook Messenger > Step 2: Go to whichever inbox you want to surprise with this spoiler feature > Step 3: Tap on a word after you’ve typed it > Step 4: After tapping the word, you’ll notice the Three dots icon right beside it > Step 5: Tap the Three dots icon then you can see Spoiler > Step 6: click the Spoiler word that’s all.

After that, you can use spoiler Feature in any word if you want to.

How to use the gift option in Facebook Messenger?

If you don’t have the Spoiler option on your phone, there is another way to do the same thing as the Spoiler option. Messenger has their own gift massage system to use; if you want to do the same as the spoiler feature, do use that gift massage. Follow my instructions to send anyone a gift message.

Step 1: Open the Messenger app > Step 2: Go to any conversation > Step 3: Type anything you want to say > Step 4: click the magnifying glass icon right beside your text > Step 5: Then you can see the Gift Wrapped option click that.


This gift message will show Immediately if the person clicks the message. You can’t control it. If you want to surprise the person you have to message with this process when they go offline. If they are on the computer they will see your message immediately.

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