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Tawsif Reza is the Editor-in-Chief of the Droid Expose, where he helps every author with exposing tech information and beyond. Here he covers recent news, reviews and buyer's guides. His interest in technology from a young age inspired him to set up this establishment. His vision for Droid Expose was to transform it into a comprehensive repository of technical knowledge. He explored the smartphone world better when he started using custom ROMs, the first ROM he used on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite device was Lineage OS. However, Tawsif is not only in charge here but he is also the founder of CTG Post News which marks his first foray into the media world. By opening a news media, he was always eager to reach people with reliable information. But his writing habits are responsible for this. Apart from journalism, he is skilled in computer technology like programming or web developing. In fact the time of covid has helped him to take a step forward in these tech world. Occasionally, he dabbles in the art of photography, He was able to improve this by using apps like Gcam. As a proud Bangladeshi, he carries his heritage with immense pride. While his hobbies may not involve soaring through the skies like a bird or exploring the depths of the sea, his deepest desire is to wipe away tears of sorrow from the faces of the less fortunate. The pivotal moment in his life occurred when he witnessed a hungry child crying in the arms of its mother, igniting an unshakable resolve within him. Since that day, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to ensuring that no human being should shed tears due to poverty. Now one might find Tawsif, standing on his balcony lost in contemplation about his projects, or perhaps indulging in a thrilling game of Neo Geo's Double Dragon on his computer.
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